Talbott for 2


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Doble Trace
After the hend of the trace: trett, retrett, and depart the first furthright, the second contrary hyme, and turne face to face.
Then brawle at onys and then come togydder.
Then trett and retrett togeder with 3 singlis forth and chance handes on the same wyes again.
Then togeder 2 doblis, 2 rakis, and a turne.


Piva (Trace)

A11 - 6Go about as you will 6 P.
A21 - 6Go about as you will 6 P.
A31 - 6Go about as you will 6 P.

Piva (figure 1))

B11S forwards (left)
B21S backwards (right) right hand dancer Mv.
C11P (left) seperating.
D11P (right) Mv
E11 - 2CC (lefy right)
E21 - 2PP (left, right) to meet. 1st dancer Mv.
F11Advance S (left).
2Retreat S (right).
3 - 5Giving right hands turn with SSS (left right, left).
G11 - 3Giving left hands turn with SSS (right, left, right).
4 - 5Together going forwards PP (left, right).
H11S sideways (left).
2S sideways (right).
3Vt anti-clockwise in PP (left, right).

Copyright Robert Huggett 2002