Pernes in Gre for 2


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Original text

Trace forthright 6 singlis; ather torne other aboute, and forthright 6 singlis agen.
After the end of the trace, rak both togeder and torne.
Then face to face 6 singlis, either contrary oder, and 3 retrettes ayen.
Then a flowrdelice of both at onys.
Then change places and torne face to face.
Then a flowrdelice and come togeder.


Piva (Trace)

A11 - 3Right hand turn with SSS (left, right, left).

1 - 2
Left hand turn with SSS (right, left, right).
3 - 4Forward together SS (left, right).
A31 - 4Forward together SSSS (left, right, left, right).

Piva (figure 1)

B11 - 2SS sideways (left, left).
3 - 4Vt anti-clockwise in PP (right, left) to end facing each other.

Piva (figure 2)

B11 - 4Passing right shoulders seperate going forward with SSSS (right, left, right, left).
C11 - 2Continue SS (right, left) [bar 1 is half bar, so 2x2.5=5 bars]

1 - 3
Retreat SSS (right, left, right).

Piva (figure 3)

D11 - 3Fleur de lys (left) [S sideways left, S sideways right, S forwards]
4Passing right shoulders exchange places and end facing each other with P (right).

Piva (figure 4)

E11 - 3All Fleur de lys (left) [S sideways left, S sideways right, S forwards]
4Take hands P (right).

Copyright Robert Huggett 2002